Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton (born Edith Newbold Jones, January 24, 1862 – August 11, 1937) was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist, short story writer, and designer. Many of Wharton's novels are characterized by a subtle use of dramatic irony. Having grown up in upper-class pre-World War I society, Wharton became one of its most astute critics, in such works as The House of Mirth and The Age of Innocence. In addition to writing several respected novels, Wharton produced a wealth of short stories and is particularly well regarded for her ghost stories.


The Age of Innocence

The Age of InnocenceAuthor: Edith Wharton 
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Winner of the 1921 Pulitzer Prize, the first to be awarded to a woman, Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence remains one of her most famous novels. The book features a deeply moving tale that describes the fierce struggle between love and responsibility. The tyrannical strictures of high society in Gilded Age New York are exquisitely detailed in this study that vividly characterizes the drama of thwarted affection.